Jessica Tillman: My week with Core

As my third work experience I found that the atmosphere and environment in the office was one of the best; I found it very enjoyable and had an extremely pleasant experience. It was very interesting to see how Core worked and tackled projects and enabled me to compare the work ethics of different graphic design companies.

Starting the week with an open mind I was introduced to the Design Team and was talked through the company by Clews, James and Woz. They gave me an induction to graphic design and commercial advertisement.

My set project for the week was one Core had previously completed and delivered for a client.  With the outlines of the assignment I as able to interpret it without restrictions and develop my own branding concepts, producing designs for the upcoming Brindleplace Film Festival to be placed around the event and also advertised in Birmingham.

The programs I was shown and used were new to me, however with help from Lauren and James I was able to grasp the concept and quickly became confident working with InDesign. The week allowed the increasing and developed competent usage of Photoshop.

James introduced me to previous and current work produced by Core and I was able to understand the technical skill behind the production of brochures. Giving me an understanding of how the end product was produced and developed.

By the Thursday I had created two branding concepts, designed multiple posters and used Photoshop to put them on billboards; applying them to lifelike situations and merchandise for the festival. Seeing the designs in these scenarios gave me a great impression and feel for the end product and application of the designs. I created my own portfolio for the project allowing the development of the designs to be clear and progressive.

I finished off the week with a mini project from James; designing multiple invitations for The Cube building in Birmingham. Again I was able to tackle the task in whichever angle I preferred and began looking at the more creative and intricate details of invitations.

Overall I found the week very inspiring and enjoyable, watching the different teams within the company work on their tasks was intriguing.

I can’t thank the Design Team enough for an amazing week and guiding me through my work. Clews, James and Woz for giving great feedback and fantastic ideas, and Lauren’s skillful hand with the computer: I don’t think I would’ve managed without you!

Thank you also to Simon and Emma welcoming me and the constant asking if I wanted tea…pretty sure that should’ve been my job!