Happy New Year from Core!

Let us be the first to say Happy New Year folks! If you’re still on annual leave and clutching on to the last few days of the festive period, we have a few tell-tale signs that show it might be time to wave goodbye to Christmas for another year and get ready to tackle 2015 head on...


Core’s Christmas Carol Comes To a Close!

Well that’s it, our annual Christmas competition has officially come to a close and we’d like to thank our friends, clients and collaborators for making it such a huge success. In case you missed it, here’s the rundown of our #CoreCrooners Christmas campaign, along with our clever little winners…


Tis the season for the #CoreCrooners Christmas competition

It’s Christmas and, being the season of gift giving and goodwill, it’s time for the annual Core festive campaign. So grab your tackiest knitwear and a glass of mulled wine and get ready for a Christmas sing along as we proudly present, #CoreCrooners.

Haunted Featured Final

Do you fear the “three D’s” of property?

Ever been so scared or upset that you’ve been too frightened to stay home alone? Imagine being so freaked out by bad news that it prevented you from buying a property. That’s right, recent research suggests that more than half of UK homebuyers would be put off buying a house if it was put on sale because of the three D’s: death, divorce or debt.

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featured mobile

The digital revolution: mobile has arrived!

As Bob Dylan once sang: “the times they are a changing”. While the majority of us used to grab a paper in the morning for our daily digest of news and current affairs, now 20% of all time we spend consuming media is through mobile devices, compared to only 5% in print.

Loz Blog Featured

IKEA’s ‘bookbook’ is a perfect parody of Apple’s product launches

In a beautifully thought-out and executed advert for its 2015 catalogue, Scandinavian furniture company, IKEA has lampooned the style of Apple’s product adverts, describing their paper-based catalogue as “a device so simple and intuitive, using it almost feels familiar…it’s not a digital book or an eBook. It’s a bookbook”.