Summer events in Birmingham

With the sun finally making an appearance we looked ahead to what events are going on in and around Birmingham in the coming months – let’s hope it doesn’t rain on the parade!


It’s all change for mortgages

The Mortgage Market Review (or MMR) came into force this weekend which could mean big changes for all househunters looking to get a mortgage agreed. As someone who is currently in this very position, Lucie Sissons looks at what MMR could mean…


Is CSR a nice to have or a must have for housebuilders?

Corporate social responsibility, three little words that, for some companies form part of their everyday activity and for others something they think about once a year when asked to give a charity donation. So how important is CSR to the housebuilding industry?


National Pet Month 1st April – 5th May

Today is the start of National Pet month so to celebrate we asked some of the Core team to talk about their pets, past and present. With such an eclectic mix of characters in the office we didn’t think their pets would be any different whether they are furry, fluffy, scaly or slimy.

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