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The rise of the public art trail

Following an exciting month for Birmingham in which a parliament of kooky and creative owls descended on the city, we're hoping many of you (like us) managed to catch a glimpse of Brum's latest public art extravaganza before it flew the nest.


Rave reviews for Birmingham’s Grand unveiling

Just a few hours after the doors of Birmingham's eagerly anticipated Grand Central were opened, excited shoppers flocked from the streets for their first glimpse and the buss caught like wildfire as #GrandCentral quickly started trending on Twitter.


Coca Cola taking big brands to the helm

Despite falling foul of Irn Bru in the search for the nation’s favourite soft drink in May, Coca-Cola has come up trumps once again and been crowned the first brand to receive a dedicated Twitter emoji.


So, what’s so super about September?

With so much happening in Birmingham this month, here’s a quick and concise breakdown of the second city’s action packed schedule to get you up to speed - and don’t forget to save the dates!

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Virtual reality: the future of consumer marketing?

With Apple products never more than a few feet away, an ongoing boom in online retail and with more brands doing all they can to keep up to date with the digital whirlwind, could virtual reality mark the future of consumer marketing?